RecList began when co-founder Alec Walsh was trying to find a fishing boat to rent in central Minnesota.  There were a lot of businesses offering boats for rent, but the process of locating, comparing, contacting, and booking from a trustworthy rental business turned his relaxing fishing trip into a headache.

Alec realized that there needed to be an easier way to find a local boat rental, so he formed a team set out to create an online marketplace where users could shop, compare, and book all kinds of outdoor rentals from local businesses.  After several months of R&D, long nights, and early mornings, we are excited to announce that we are launching that marketplace this summer!  We are beginning to grow the rental community for an assortment of outdoor recreation equipment and services.  

At RecList, we believe that you shouldn't have to own an assortment of recreational equipment to enjoy the outdoors.  Our connection with nature makes us happier and healthier, and our goal is to help you find and experience the amazing outdoor adventures we have all around us.  We're excited to show you what we've been working on!


         - The RecList Team