RecList is the online marketplace for all types of recreational rentals here in the midwest.  There are thousands of outdoor rentals available, but simply lack visibility for those looking to rent, get outside, and enjoy the outdoors. 

Have rental equipment you are trying to keep booked all season?  List for FREE, increase your visibility, and let Reclist do the advertising for you!

Looking to rent a boat, SUP, snowmobile or ice house for your next outdoor adventure?  Search by location, rental type, date & availability.  Get the contact info & reserve your rental!  (online booking system coming soon)

Not looking to pay thousands of dollars to be a "member" of a rental club?  Find rentals all over the midwest without all their silly restrictions and limitations!  Don't be let down by the lack of locations these businesses offer(10 lakes)....We have 11,842 lakes in MN alone - much of which is outside of the overly crowded tourist traps these businesses operate in.  Disconnect from the hustle & bustle, find your ideal outdoor rentals all over the beautiful outdoors we live in!  Don't pay $3,000 / $6,000 or $12,000 a year to use these membership based rentals!  PAY AS YOU GO with RecList!


For a rental owner/business:  RecList offers a FREE platform to list your items for rent with greatly increased visibility.  Create your first online listing for your rental equipment in under 10 minutes.  Set up some general business info, upload photos, and set availability with just a few clicks.  We made it incredibly simple to manage your rental availability from your mobile device or by PC.  We are currently developing a simple online booking/reservation tool with help from some of our early adopters and will be implementing soon.  As a rental owner/business you will NEVER be forced to do all booking through  The booking system will be offered for those who opt in, giving their interested renters the ability to book & pay prior to the rental date/time.  This feature will provide convenience and secure payments for both the rental companies and the interested renters.

These boat/rental "clubs" and memberships based models are seeing a huge increase in demand, but unfortunately are limited to ~10 actual lakes in the MN/WI area.  People are looking for outdoor rentals all over the midwest, not just on 10 lakes in the 2 state area.  List your rentals for FREE on RecList and let these interested renters find your equipment/services with just a few clicks.  The demand is there so list your equipment today and increase your rental income on RecList!